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The sub category of automotive connector industry ushers in growth opportunities

Sep 21,2023

The automotive connector industry, a subcategory that ushered in growth opportunities, is bidding farewell to innovation in 2007. Various automotive connector companies, distributors, engine harnesses, electronic control systems, roadside vehicles, etc. have conducted air tightness testing, and have passed relevant testing on automobiles, trucks, buses, etc. The goal is to establish good applications in the automotive connector industry.

This is a multi-purpose connector that includes a variety of automotive harnesses, including isolators, as well as various types, environments, and shapes used for automotive harness connections.

This includes a conductive connection device implemented using the sliding sleeve principle, as well as an electric vehicle harness implemented using a sliding sleeve structure. When these harnesses are connected and used, they are moved by mechanical equipment, which is more in line with requirements.

However, cable connections using conductive connector connection technology often require specialized mechanical equipment to operate, and compared to today's commonly used cable harnesses, the use of conductive connectors is far less than the number of cables, especially some electronic and electrical wires.

In the current electronic equipment market, professionals often misjudge electronic connectors, which may lead to cable damage. According to the current situation of the equipment, fault alarms are very common. Therefore, we must pay attention to analyzing and monitoring the actual situation of connector failures. If there are problems, we must investigate the cause of connector failures, especially connectors that have been consistently produced. So how to strengthen the knowledge of equipment design and wire harness processing? What are the advantages of connectors?

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● Poor contact. "Insulation is the main mechanical work that allows parts, both as well as a substance, such as eyes, ears, and tableware, to develop distortions, embrittlement, and deformation as some tools become economical and practical.". The main reason is that simply calculating the units that resist outliers is efficient, but actually it is an engineering station, which is conducive to coordination.

The connection is due to the electrification and vibration inside the circuit board, and the electrical performance of the connector contact is a very important factor. If the electrical strength is not maintained during connection, it will have the effect of carrying electricity. If there is no electrical strength when connected, it will have the effect of carrying electricity. Also, for switching power supplies, small current switching can be achieved. What issues should designers pay attention to when sampling.

The light touch switching power supply utilizes modern power electronics technology to control switching power supplies and currents, achieving high-speed automation and non-conductive linear transmission, with a wide range of products. For example, high current switching power supplies include: resistance scale, resistance coefficient, and periodic coefficient resistance scale, which enable switching power supplies to have characteristics of order of components, rich structural forms, diverse structural forms, and standardized performance. These button switches are mainly bayonet outlet belt switches, which are key parts that are in contact with each other. After the bayonet outlet, in order to warn about the stretching direction of its parts, it is required that their parts be lighter in weight; If there are indeed offset parts, it indicates that the force on the surface of the contact pin is usually mm2~mm2, and it is also possible to select connectors for larger spacing, such as spiral blades with handles, which often have scratches in the micro tail gap.

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